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Ask the Labor Nurse

Ask the Labor Nurse

The Power of Women

03.03.11: How we make each others’ world go around

Epidurals and Due Dates

I love my readers’ questions.

Camera Bans

02.04.11: Looking through both sides of the lens

Needle Pokes During Pregnancy

02.04.11: Why they’re unavoidable

Just one shift

01.27.11: What labor nurses do on a busy day

What a Difference a Few Letters Make

01.21.11: Why it’s important to ask questions.

Haiti, One Year Later

01.14.11: Making baby steps

The Preliminary 2009 Birth Statistics

01.07.11: Reading the fine print

New Beginnings

12.30.10: The only New Year’s Resolutions new parents need.

No Room At The Inn

12.23.10: What happens if your maternity unit is full or there aren’t enough nurses?

Circumcisions, San Francisco and STDs

12.07.10: Clearing up some misconceptions


11.23.10: What’s it all about.

Mad Men and Mad Women

11.18.10: A peek into how far we’ve come in health care and how far we have to go.
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