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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse


11.23.10: What’s it all about.

Mad Men and Mad Women

11.18.10: A peek into how far we’ve come in health care and how far we have to go.

HPV and Vaginal Delivery

11.12.10: Do I need a c-section?

Unplanned Pregnancies

11.05.10: A toast to the unexpected

Teen Moms and Domestic Violence

10.29.10: What reality TV teaches us all

Drugs During Pregnancy

10.22.10: What happens when a drug screen is positive?

Taking Care of Ellen

10.15.10: When getting health care is a luxury.

The Myth of the Perfect Birth

10.08.10: We need a reality check.

Questioning the Value of Vaginal Exams in Late Pregnancy

10.01.10: Should you tell your doctor/midwife to keep her hands to herself?

Prenatal Ultrasound

09.23.10: To peek or not to peek?

Birth – Here and There

What you really need to be ready for birth.

Older Parenthood

Genetic testing, sweatpants and choosing when to worry.

What Should You Say And When Should You Tell?

08.26.10: How to handle comments, secrets and news
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