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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Circumcisions, San Francisco and STDs

12.07.10: Clearing up some misconceptions


11.23.10: What’s it all about.

Mad Men and Mad Women

11.18.10: A peek into how far we’ve come in health care and how far we have to go.

HPV and Vaginal Delivery

11.12.10: Do I need a c-section?

Unplanned Pregnancies

11.05.10: A toast to the unexpected

Teen Moms and Domestic Violence

10.29.10: What reality TV teaches us all

Drugs During Pregnancy

10.22.10: What happens when a drug screen is positive?

Taking Care of Ellen

10.15.10: When getting health care is a luxury.

The Myth of the Perfect Birth

10.08.10: We need a reality check.

Questioning the Value of Vaginal Exams in Late Pregnancy

10.01.10: Should you tell your doctor/midwife to keep her hands to herself?

Prenatal Ultrasound

09.23.10: To peek or not to peek?

Birth – Here and There

What you really need to be ready for birth.

Older Parenthood

Genetic testing, sweatpants and choosing when to worry.
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