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Ask the Labor Nurse

Ask the Labor Nurse

Tell Me A Story

07.15.10: Why women must tell the tale of their birth and why we must listen.

C-Section Scars 101

What women want and need to know about the most common scar in America.

Sex, Smokes and Sciatica

Answering readers’ questions with a yes, no and sorry, that sucks

The Weaker Sex?

6.3.10: It’s a Boy Thing

Anxious Times

Why the going gets tougher when you’re pregnant.

Storming the Hill

5.20.10: Day Two of CARE’s National Conference

How to Make a Difference

5.14.10: Day One of the 2010 National CARE Conference

What Dads Should Do About Mother’s Day

Some basic rules for doing It right

Bonding with your Baby

4.29.10: There’s no mystery to it.

How do readers feel about the c-section rate?

4.22.10: They’re surprisingly quiet on the matter.

Finally, Some Good News

4.16.10: Maternal Mortality Rates are Going Down
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