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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Storming the Hill

5.20.10: Day Two of CARE’s National Conference

How to Make a Difference

5.14.10: Day One of the 2010 National CARE Conference

What Dads Should Do About Mother’s Day

Some basic rules for doing It right.

The Easy Way to Bond With Your Baby

Bonding with your baby—there's no mystery to it. Of course sometimes it's easier than other times, but if you follow this advice, you'll learn to relax and enjoy it.

How do readers feel about the c-section rate?

4.22.10: They’re surprisingly quiet on the matter.

Finally, Some Good News

4.16.10: Maternal Mortality Rates are Going Down

Sex before and after baby

What’s normal? Hint – you are

Flying with Babies

3.26.10: Should it be for adults only?

Pam & Jim's Delivery

3.18.10: An Office Delivery

When the Second Baby Arrives

Survival tips for moms of more than one small child.

Why Women Quit Breastfeeding

3.4.10: If Breast is Best, Why don’t we do it?

Put a Midwife on the Payroll

2.25.10: Another opportunity to help a sister out

Taking that last great trip before parenthood

2.19.10: Overseas travel while pregnant – Is it safe?
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