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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

2.11.10: Ask your questions – Doctors love it

A Today Show Delivery

2.5.10: Making Scheduled C-Sections Look A Little Too Easy?

Born in Haiti

1.27.10: The littlest survivors

Pregnant in Haiti

1.19.10: How to help and why you should Care

Nausea, Bed Wetting and Colic

1.15.10: Common sense and scientific reasons to quit worrying

When a Baby Dies

01.06.10: Our side of the sadness

Punishment for Pregnancy?

12.29.09 Why laws need to get out of our bodies

Holiday Magic

12.23.09 All it takes is a little kindness, a little coziness and a little tradition

The Decade’s Most Popular Names

12.16.09 What kids think about names

DIY Birth

12.09.09 A Matter of Trust

Be a Better Parent

12.02.09 Less is More

Are Kidney Stones as Painful as Labor?

11.25.09 Why I’m grateful this week.

Returning to H1N1

11.18.09 Fear of vaccines and making the wrong choice

US Infant Mortality Statistics

11.11.09 What a difference a couple weeks makes
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