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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

What Hurts More, Contractions or Pushing?

Do women lie about childbirth pain? Here's how to get the lowdown on what labor and delivery will actually feel like, so you can go in fully prepared.

Labor Pains

Help a sister out

Why Induce Labor?

Is It Worth the Risk?

Stress and Infertility

The mind-body-baby connection.

Home Birth

Can we talk?

The New Fatherhood

Setting the bar higher for today’s Dads

Caring for Mothers

For millions of women around the world, pregnancy and childbirth prove deadly. Here’s how you can help.

How to Thank Your Labor Nurse

Compassion and Gratitude: Pay It Forward

Teen Pregnancy

Here, There and Everywhere

Pain, Essential Oils and Heat During Pregnancy

It's normal to have aches & pains during pregnancy—you're growing a baby after all—but when it comes to treatment, not all is safe. Here's what’s OK & what to avoid.

Back and Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy

It's common to feel a pain in the butt, ahem, during pregnancy and after birth, but the cause can vary considerably. Here's a run down of what might be going on.
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