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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Black Mold and Healthy Babies

Just how tough is a fetus?

No Silly Questions Part Two

What to Eat While in Labor

No Place Like Home

The difference between a midwife and a husband

No Silly Questions

Finding the Right Fit

The Mommy/Baby Game

Preplanning a pregnancy. Or not.

How We Make Miracles Happen

Who works in a Maternity Unit

How Can You Determine Baby's Birth Weight?

Babies just seem to be getting bigger, but will a bigger baby be harder to deliver? Our resident labor nurse answers your questions about baby birth weight.

Gratitude for the Children

A look at the other side

Identifying Different Leaks During Pregnancy

When the nurse's job is playing "Name that Leak" during her prenatal and postpartum care, and what she's discovered along the way about Unidentified Foreign Leaks.

Hits and Myths

5.28.07: What's fact, what's fiction and does it matter?

About This Blog

5.14.07: Why ask a labor nurse?

Lucy, Desi and the Birth Industry

5.14.07: A bit of history

About This Blog

5.7.07: Why ask a labor nurse?

About Jeanne

5.7.07: Why I'm an Expert
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