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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Are you gonna eat that?

Getting real about food

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

The facts of life and hospital births

Gratitude for the Children

A look at the other side

Identifying Different Leaks During Pregnancy

When the nurse's job is playing "Name that Leak" during her prenatal and postpartum care, and what she's discovered along the way about Unidentified Foreign Leaks.

Double Trouble

Delivering Twins

Poop Happens

Much ado about meconium

Speedy Delivery Service

Dealing with Super-fast Labor

Tears vs. Episiotomies in Birth: The Bottom Line

Would you rather have a tear or an episiotomy during your labor? OK, neither, but what if you were given the choice? Our labor nurse weighs up what's worse.

Got milk?

All about that Milk Supply

The good, the bad and the ugly

The painful side of labor

Let's hear it for the boys

Dads in the delivery room

Who you gonna call?

Questions about scheduled c-sections.

Take a Class - Get A Clue

Childbirth Education Primer
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