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Ask the Labor Nurse

Ask the Labor Nurse

Private Practice and Public Service

Actress Amy Brenneman travels to Peru with humanitarian organization CARE to focus on maternal-child health

Eclampsia And Tragedy

What happened to Lady Sybil on "Downton Abbey"?

Three Labor Myths

Getting real about what to expect

The Complete Illustrated Birthing Companion

01.13.13 Announcing my new book

Why Unnecessary C-sections Do More Harm Than Good

A comprehensive new report that clarifies the consequences of an unnecessary C-section

Pelvic Pain, Vulvodynia and Pushing

One FAQ and One NAQ (never asked question)

Jessica Simpson’s Second Pregnancy

Why having two-under-2 can be the smartest thing you can do as a parent.

Being A Nurse

12.13.12 What It Takes To Do Our Job

Hyperemesis Gravidarum In Royal Spotlight

What it is, how it’s treated and why that Princess Kate prank wasn’t funny.

World AIDS Day 2012

11.29.12 That was then, this is now

Gratitude and Parenting

11.23.12 Fifty things you'll be grateful for now that you're pregnant

Infertility Today

How advanced reproductive technologies are making parents out of Susanna, Diane, Demitra and James.

NICU Nurses Among The Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

Nurses train to do the impossible to keep babies from harm's way during emergencies.

Hot-Button Issues and the Mommy Wars

11.02.12 What is motivating so much anger toward other parents' approaches?
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