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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Studying The Study

08.24.12 Why the latest study is not the final word

Build A Better Milk Bank System

08.19.12 How breast milk banks save babies lives

Fear of Birthing

08.10.12 Am I going to die?

Is Breastfeeding a Feminist Activity?

08.03.12 Combining work with breastfeeding

Prenatal Care on the Run

07.13.12 Can you have a healthy baby without prenatal care?

Midwives: Starting a Trend & Saving the Birth Industry

06.22.12 My wish list to revolutionize the way we have babies here in the US, making it safer, more affordable and more available to all women

From Old Dads to New Dads

06.15.12 Wisdom to guide fathers down the parenting path

Breastfeeding In The News

What’s it going to take to get breastfeeding out of the headlines and back into society as a normal way to feed our children?

Hormones That Shake, Rattle and Roll

05.31.12 Labor shakes and pregnancy ambivalence

Birth Rape/Trauma Redux

05.25.12 Continuing the discussion

It’s Not Birth Rape; It’s Birth Trauma

05.17.12 Coming to terms with traumatic birth experiences
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