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Ask the Labor Nurse


Ask the Labor Nurse

Cancer and Pregnancy and the Komen Foundation

02.03.11 Finding the light in dark times

Patient Care From Both Sides Of The Chart

1.20.11 The difference between patient care and computer care

How Safe Is A Vaginal Birth For Twins?

How much intervention do you need?

Fashion Week At The Gym

01.06.11 Three expectant couples dress for success

26 Resolutions

12.29.11 Pregnancy, labor and life with your child

The Santa Question

12.22.11 What’s really behind the magic of the season?

Discharge - Worry And Reassurance

12.16.11 A universal symptom that probably means you’re OK

World AIDS Day 2011

12.01.11 The world of AIDS today

My Attitude About Gratitude

11.18.11 Why it used to tick me off

Two Kids And Counting

11.11.11 What’s it like when you have more than one child?

Ed, Allergies, Acupuncture and Pregnancy

11.03.11 Alternatives that work.

The Not So Perfect Mother

10.27.11 What our children learn when we’re not our best selves
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