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Ask the Labor Nurse

The Difference Between Discipline and Abuse

09.02.11 Stories from the news and the park

Oregon’s ‘Hard Stop’ On Early Inductions and C-Sections

Stepping up to do the right thing

When Pregnancy Is Painful

07.29.11 Goats, CARE, Beauty and Famine


7.22.10 The most powerful parenting and political move ever.

Autism Anxiety

New studies provoke new fears.

Keeping Babies Safe From Radiation

07.08.11 How new policies work in their favor

Why Women Need Prenatal Education

06.22.11: The power of making informed choices.

Father of the Year

06.16.11: When being a big man means doing the small things right

The Difficult Child

06.10.11: How to avoid raising a stinker

Near-Term Inductions And Newborn Mortality

06.02.11: When you’re close, but not close enough to your due date

Vitamin K shots, Antibiotic Eye Treatment And Hepatitis B Vaccination Of Newborns

05.26.11: Public health for private matters

Amy And Her Mother

05.20.11: Helping Grandma find her place
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