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C-Section Photo Essay

A Fit Pregnancy editor takes us behind the scenes at the C-section delivery of her twins.


When I ended up having a Cesarean section with my first child, Dylan, 10 years ago, I wasn't that surprised. Disappointed and nervous, yes, but not surprised. Not only was I aware of the fairly high C-section rate in this country even then, but I also realized that some babies just have to be delivered with, as they say, surgical intervention. And when I found out I was pregnant with twins last year, I knew that because of my medical history, I was destined for another C-section. This time around, I was completely OK with it: I knew what to expect, so I wasn't nearly as nervous.

I also knew I'd love my babies no matter how they arrived—naturally, C-section or FedEx 2Day. If you, too, end up having a Cesarean section—and chances are you might, considering that more than 1 in 3 babies in the U.S. are now born this way—a little preparation and knowledge can go a long way toward demystifying the process and helping you feel more comfortable. I'm here to help you do just that, with a firsthand, up-close account of the delivery of my beautiful twins.

Watch a live video of Carole's C-section

Special thanks to the staff at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women in San Diego, without whom this article (and these babies) would not have been possible.

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