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Have Hospital Bag, Will Deliver

Every mom needs to have her hospital bag packed and ready for the big day. So, what's in your bag? Think comfort. Think essentials. And think stress-free as possible. Check out our list of must-have products.

Don't like the idea of wearing the hospital-issued gown? No worries, there are plenty of stylish choices from which to choose. Many designers and brands offer attractive designs and fabrics to make your hospital stay as comfortable and unique as possible.

Most are sewn with snaps above your chest to help you breastfeed discretely and comfortably right after giving birth. No need to have your entire upper half exposed when visitors arrive. They're also designed with the hospital in mind, so there’s no need to disrobe when the doctor or nurse needs to check on your postpartum parts.

Maternity hospital gowns (clockwise from left): mint green floral gown, $39.99, from Mommy Gown Maternity on Etsy; camden, gray chevron and red dot gowns, $58-$59, from ModMum Maternity on Etsy.

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