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Have Hospital Bag, Will Deliver

Every mom needs to have her hospital bag packed and ready for the big day. So, what's in your bag? Think comfort. Think essentials. And think stress-free as possible. Check out our list of must-have products.

OK, so it may not be time to glam it up, but you should at least have some beauty basics on hand. (Remember, photos will be taken!) Bring a lip balm or some colored lip gloss. A hair brush and hair bands will do the trick for a quick ponytail or bun. You may not be able to get up and brush your teeth constantly, so breath mints will be handy when visitors come knocking.

Extras are phone charger, laptop or tablet charger and any necessary paperwork.

Altoids breath mints, $3.49 for 2-pack; Nars The Multiple makeup stick can be use on eyes, lips and cheeks and available in various shades, $39; Bare Escentuals mineral powder, $27; Burt's Bees lip balm, $3-$10; Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, $2.50 for 29-count package; Conair Hair Brush, $5.

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