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Have Hospital Bag, Will Deliver

Every mom needs to have her hospital bag packed and ready for the big day. So, what's in your bag? Think comfort. Think essentials. And think stress-free as possible. Check out our list of must-have products.

Running out of prep time? How about a prepacked bag!

Babytime Bags offers prepacked overnight carry-alls for your hospital stay. Each bag contains practical and organic items based on the experiences of real-life moms. According to the brand, the cost of one of its bags is nearly half of what you would pay if you purchased the included goods yourself.

A basic bag features mommy basics, such as Lansinoh nursing bra and nursing pads, while a premium bag goes all-out with such luxurious items as a labor ball, two hospital gowns, a hand massager and much, much more. Multiple print and color choices available for each bag option.

BBBasic bag, $135; BBLuxe bag, $195; and BBPreme, $385, from Babytime Bags.

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