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It's your choice

There’s a world of options when it comes to giving birth.


“Our program is oriented toward personal growth,” says Birth Works founder Cathy Daub, P.T., C.D., C.C.E. “Women who make it through get more than a better birth experience; they also learn something about themselves.” 888-862-4784,

Prepare your mind and body

Cultivating a wide base of knowledge allows you to make the right choice about your own labor. Use the Internet to learn about water birthing. Take a prenatal-yoga or water-fitness class. Have your partner learn prenatal massage. Read books. Talk with new mothers. Do whatever it takes to get comfortable with the awe-inspiring, life-transforming big bang to come. That’s the best preparation you can get.

Self-hypnosis resources

hypbirth>> is an interactive CD-and-video

program designed for use in the later part of pregnancy and during delivery. It empowers women by changing their perceptions of labor; program designers say that 80 percent of women who used it gave birth in less than six hours. 818-248-0888,

hypnobirthing>>covers traditional childbirth-education topics as well as self-hypnosis techniques. It’s presented in five childbirth classes.


Leclaire Hypnobirthing>> offers intensive one-day pregnancy-preparation classes. 310-454-0920,

Find it online

Are you interested in laboring—and perhaps delivering—in a tub? Many women find that the warm, gravity-free environment of water not only comforts and relaxes them during labor but also seems to help the process along. For more information:;;



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