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Mama and the Media: What to Watch During Pregnancy

Get the scoop on what’s most likely to build your confidence and what’s just going to freak you out!


Saturday night date night has most likely taken on a new form during pregnancy.  Skip the trip to the theater and watch these great birth flicks in the comfort of your own home, where it’s totally acceptable to wear those super stretchy and oh-so-comfy pajama pants and the kicks you feel aren’t on the back of your seat, but from that tiny little guy or gal in your belly!

Orgasmic Birth – Yes, you read that right!  We’re talking orgasms and birth, together in the same movie. While the title may raise an eyebrow or two, this film is absolutely my favorite to show the amazing strength, power, and inner wisdom that each and every woman possesses.  It’s not a “how-to-have-an-orgasm-during-birth” guide, but rather honest, straightforward information about the physiology and hormones of pregnancy and birth, the mind-body connection, and some incredible birth footage (yes, there is a little orgasm in there too.) This film is also available in a condensed form, Organic Birth.

Birth As We Know It – Another favorite that really gets to the heart of pregnancy and birth, this one gives you an inspiring look into the world of birth. Though much of the footage takes place in Russia (including AMAZING water births in the Black Sea) the message is universal:  birth is normal and women are strong, intuitive beings.  I showed this DVD to my husband shortly after I began working as a doula and he was amazed. I believe his exact quote was, “Wow, that kind of makes me realize how insignificant my job is.” (He works in sales, which doesn’t usually involve world-altering, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.)  This film also has a shorter version, Birth Into Being.

The Business of Being Born – This eye-opening documentary definitely paved the way for the influx of birth films in the past several years and for good reason!  Former talk show host Ricki Lake takes you through an in-depth look at birth practices of the past and present.  For many, the information may be shocking, but my hope is that it will inspire you to make informed decisions, ask questions, and find the provider that you feel will help you to have the birth experience you want.


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