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The Myth of the Perfect Childhood

Even the best-laid plans can go astray, so expect the unexpected.

young mother with newborn

    The most crucial aspects of readying yourself for childbirth, experts say, is learning how you’d like the event to happen; knowing your levels for pain tolerance, strength and endurance; and having a trusting relationship with someone who can be an advocate for you in the delivery room, such as your partner, a friend, a doula or a midwife. Also important is finding a compatible caregiver, obstetrician/ gynecologist or midwife who is willing to work with you to form a birth plan you are comfortable with. Such a plan can be as simple as saying to the doctor, “Please give me drugs when I ask for them,” or it can spell out, step by step, how you would like the birth to go, if possible. “You want to be able to forge a relationship of teamwork,” Peterson says. “If the caregiver is not interested, find another one.”
    Regardless of the means, a good birthing experience brings with it a sense of satisfaction, pride, joy and power that will give you confidence in your abilities and your body. It will help you to discover inner resources and coping mechanisms that will be valuable throughout your life. And it will enable you to appreciate the wonder and beauty of bringing a child into the world.
    Such a birth is entirely possible — once you accept that you have to expect the unexpected.


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