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New Mom Workouts

Why go to the gym when you can get back in shape at home with these postpartum DVDs?


Why go to the gym when you can get back in shape at home with these postpartum DVDs?

Before You Begin

• Check with your doctor before starting any
postpartum exercise program.

• Watch the entire DVD before you begin the workout, paying close attention to safety information.

• Work out in a well-ventilated room, stay hydrated, and wear proper footwear and a supportive bra.

• If you experience sudden bleeding or dizziness, stop immediately and contact your doctor.


Gentle exercises help speed up postnatal recovery.

Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning

BeFit-Mom, $22;

The scoop: Filled with restorative moves such as Kegels and belly scooping, the DVD also features an abdominal-strengthening program.
Why you'll love it: Helene Byrne, a perinatal-exercise specialist, provides information on reconditioning the muscles most affected by pregnancy and labor.

Fusion Pilates for Post Pregnancy
& C-section Recovery

Fusion Pilates, $22;

The scoop: This Pilates-based DVD offers postnatal exercises
for the first six weeks, plus a low-impact cardio workout to boost strength and stamina after six weeks.

Why you'll love it: Designed by pre- and postnatal exercise expert Jennifer Gianni, it's packed with information on recovering from either a C-section or a vaginal birth.


Once you're able to resume regular exercise (usually after your six-week checkup), consider a mom-and-baby workout.

Mommy Baby Body Builders
Lily Productions, $18;

The scoop: This full-body strengthening program allows you to incorporate your baby into each exercise. Moves such as baby lifts, the airplane and the Superman make working out feel more like playtime for you and your baby.

Why you'll love it: The exercises are creative and the outdoor setting serene. Physical therapist Lyda Liu and speech-language pathologist Lindy Shapiro teach fun ways to interact with your
baby to boost her motor and communication skills.

Back in Shape With Baby

Exercise With Mommy, $20;

The scoop: Ten-, 15-, and 20-minute stretching and strengthening workouts are done alone or with your baby.

Why you'll love it: Miniworkouts make it easy to fit exercise into your schedule no matter how busy you are. Instructor Amy Burton, an ACE-certified personal trainer, suggests clever tricks
you can do to entertain your baby, like clapping your hands while doing cardio side-taps.


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