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New Mom Workouts

Why go to the gym when you can get back in shape at home with these postpartum DVDs?



When you're ready to pick up the pace and work your muscles,
try a stroller workout.

Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms

Holliday Enterprises, $25;

The scoop: This audio CD and DVD set offers a challenging
60-minute workout with intervals of power walking and kickboxing, as well as core work and stretching.

Why you'll love it: You can use it both indoors and out. Instructor Sara Holliday suggests rainy-day modifications such as
jogging in place and using your sofa instead of a park bench for dips. Helpful hint: Watch the DVD before going outside.


Bee Home Video,$20;

The scoop: The audio CD guides you through an outdoor power walk, while the DVD demonstrates an indoor toning program.

Why you'll love it: Perfect for all fitness levels, the audio CD lets you choose either a beginner or an advanced workout. During the video portion, cartoons float across the screen to engage your baby. Bonus material offers safe ways to incorporate your baby into the toning moves.


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