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Labor and Delivery


Labor and Delivery

Guess What? Your Partner Might Need a Doula, Too

They're not just for you, Mom. Here's why Dad may also appreciate the support from a doula—whether he likes it or not.

How Many C-Sections Can You Safely Have?

Women have gone on to have 6 or more cesareans without complication. So is there ever such thing as too many?

The 7 People You'll Need in Your Life After Labor

You might need to lean on the people you least expected when baby comes. Including, um, Amy Schumer? Here's why.

The 8 Coolest Places to Give Birth in America

These health and birthing centers are some of the best places to have a baby in the U.S. Are you giving birth in an A-list hospital?

Another Reason to Choose Vaginal Birth (If You Can)

Most of the time they're life-saving, but if you can choose, here's why scientists say C-sections should be avoided if possible.

This is Who You Really Want in the Delivery Room

Nurses, and doulas, and midwives, oh my! Use this guide to decide who to keep in (and who to keep out) of your birth room.

You've Got Yourself a Breech Baby: Now What?

So your baby's right side up? Don't worry, Mama, there's plenty you can do to ensure you have a happy, healthy birth.

Wait, Don't Cut That Cord!

Waiting a few minutes to clamp the umbilical cord could make your child smarter. So why are so few U.S. hospitals doing it?

10 Things Doulas Wish You Knew About Labor

Labor and Delivery can be scary, but those doulas have some wise tricks up their sleeves to keep you pushing through.

Going Drug-Free? Tips from 7 Moms Who Did It

Refusing the drugs isn't for everybody, but if you're willing to try, take this advice from ladies who did it.

Is There a Best Time to Give Birth?

New data finds that most U.S. women give birth in the morning—but is this the best time?

The Rising Trend of Unassisted Home Births

Find out why, despite the dangers, some women choose to give birth alone.

4 Things to Do at Home for a Better Hospital Birth

Got your heart set on a natural labor? Do these 4 things before you even set foot in the hospital.

Induction Does NOT Increase C-Section Risk

Find out why the the latest research is changing everything we thought we knew about inductions.
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