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Haven't broken the news yet? Check out these ideas from our Twitter followers. Then, share your own announcement with us @FitPregnancy!

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Get Punny

Balloons are a simple, cute way to share the news.

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Share Your Sonogram

A beautiful shot of the whole family.

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Consider the Season

Halloween makes it easy to be crafty. Exhibit A.
And B.

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Say It with a Graphic

Way cuter than the Venn Diagrams your child will learn about in grade school.

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Involve Your Dogs

Only time will tell if these dogs will live up to their new roles.

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...Or Cats

Cats: Never excited to wear baby clothes; always cute.

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Incorporate Your Hobbies

Incorporate an activity you like to do into the announcement. For these parents-to-be, it's hiking.

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Go for the Cute Factor

Shoes: A very cute classic.

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Do It In Person

We wish we had a photo of the reaction!

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Cowboy Boots

Looks like there's about to be a new cowgirl/boy in town.

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Take a Bump Photo

Basically the best Christmas gift ever.

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Announce the Sex

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