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Pregnancy Health

The First-Trimester Fever Risk

A fever can pose health issues for your developing baby. What you can do to reduce the effects.
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Colds During Pregnancy: Should You Worry?

Can catching a cold harm your growing baby? The truth, plus ways to avoid contagious viruses

Go Green: How The Latest Juice Trend Can Benefit Your Baby

Guzzling your greens can help you have a healthy pregnancy

6 Ways to Hack Your Prenatal To-Do List

Giddy, elated—and totally overwhelmed? Chill. Here's how to make it infinitely more manageable.

5 Prenatal Meditation Techniques

Quick and easy ways to de-stress during pregnancy and labor

Don't Fear Delivery Day

How to conquer your concerns, and feel zen about childbirth.
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Healthy New Year!

Why a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever.

The New Prenatal Power Food?

How eating peanuts during pregnancy could lend your baby a surprising type of protection.

Are You Gaining Enough Weight?

The disconcerting downside to dieting during pregnancy.

Can These Common Chemicals Cause Premature Birth?

The new link between phthalates and preterm deliveries.

The 10 Essential Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

Overwhelmed by all the information out there for expecting moms? Here are the only 10 things you need to know.

Giving Birth Before Your Due Date: Do All 40 Weeks Matter?

New guidelines redefine "full-term pregnancy." Understand the impact that your delivery date can have on your baby's health.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy: The Risk and the Fix

Complications from prenatal hypertension are shockingly common. Learn the signs to protect you and your baby.

Motherhood: 5 Ingenious Ways to Prep for the Role of a Lifetime

5 ways to prep for the biggest role of your life: being a mom.

Dial Down Your Pregnancy Discomfort

The perfect 5-minute move to melt away pain in your lower back, pelvis and feet.
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