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Pregnancy Health

Want Better (and Safer) Sleep After Baby? Do This.

A new study discovers the best way to sleep after Baby's here. Hint: you might need more pillows.
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The Prescription Painkiller Boom is Hurting Babies

Using narcotic painkillers during pregnancy leads to a "colicky baby times five" or worse, say doctors. And it's on the rise.

The Secret to Preventing Post-Baby Weight Gain? The Message's in a Bottle

Pregnant women exposed to BPA, found in products like plastic bottles, could be at risk of weight gain and diabetes later, according to new research.

7 Comebacks for the Cringiest Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy can feel like open season for irritating personal questions that are like, #srsly? Handle the third-degree like a boss with these killer comebacks

On Thyroid Medicine? You Might Not Need It

A new study has found that thyroid treatment is getting over-prescribed in pregnant women and it could harm your baby

What's Safe in Pregnancy (And What's Not)

From gel manicures to sugar substitutes, we answer the questions you ask about everything.

There Are Fewer Birth Defects Thanks to This

A new report shows how this key vitamin is helping, but some women still aren't getting enough.

Should You Test for an Underactive Thyroid?

It’s been linked to miscarriage, preterm birth and developmental delays. Why aren’t more OBs screening expectant moms?

The Truth About Colds

Can they harm your growing baby?

Fight the Winter Blues

Simple steps to avoid prenatal depression.

Safe Medications to Take While Pregnant

What's safe and what's not when you're expecting.

10 Things Your Friends Won't Tell You About Being Pregnant

Real talk: It's normal to have a gajillion questions when you're expecting, and your preggo friends won't always have the answers, but woman to woman? This is seriously all you need to know

6 Stress-Relief Tips That Really Work

Expert-tested advice to help you dodge pregnancy stress; use these secrets to remain calm and collected in any situation.

Worried About Miscarriage? Read This

We put four big miscarriage myths to rest.

Scared of Ebola? This Epidemic Is a Bigger Risk

The news may be filled with Ebola stories, but this disease is a bigger threat to pregnant women and babies.
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