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Pregnancy Health

Borderline High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Still Bad for Baby

A new study shows blood pressure may not have to rise as high as previously thought to have negative outcomes during pregnancy. Here's what you can do about it.
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Is Acetaminophen Really Safe in Pregnancy?

Your doctor may say yes, but a new study points to evidence that taking the painkiller while pregnant could mess with your baby’s reproductive system—especially if she's a girl.

Antidepressants In Pregnancy No Risk to Baby

According to new research, there's no increased risk of this one serious problem if you’re on medication for depression.

Could Anti-Asthma Drugs Cause Autism?

If recent research is any indication, they just might.

Skin Cancer in Pregnancy Could Be More Deadly

A new study finds that pregnant women who get melanoma have worse outcomes from the disease.

The Surprising Link Between Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Infant Death

Why being obese before getting pregnant might put you at risk.

The Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

You've probably heard about the Zika virus—but do you know how it affects pregnant women? Here's why you might want to rethink that babymoon.

The Verdict Is In: The Birth Control Pill Does Not Cause Birth Defects

This is great news for moms who got pregnant while on the pill (it happens!), but there may still be some precautions to take.

Do Antidepressants Cause Autism or Not?

A new study gives a clearer answer amid conflicting evidence.

Have a Yeast Infection? You’ll Want to Avoid This

A new study is lending support to long-standing concerns that one yeast infection drug may not be safe during pregnancy.

Some Surprising News About Heart Disease During Pregnancy

Heart disease in pregnancy is more common than you think. Here's what can put you at risk.

Would You Share Your Prenatal Appointments?

A new study finds that meeting with a group of other pregnant women during your prenatal appointments is not only good for you, it’s also good for baby.

Putting off Motherhood Might Be Good for You

More women are delaying getting pregnant until later in life—and there might just be a benefit to this.

Would You Light Up a Joint to Cure Your Morning Sickness?

Moms-to-be are turning to weed to relieve pregnancy nausea—trusting the controversial drug over more conventional prescription alternatives, against medical advice.

Upgrade Your Pregnancy Cravings: Why Balanced Snacking is More Important Than Ever

Craving that frosty with fries again? Totally cool to indulge sometimes in pregnancy. But here's why you might want to thrown in a chicken salad to that order.
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