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Pregnancy Health

Flu and Whooping Cough Vaccine Combo Finally Safe for Pregnant Women

Wondering if you can get the flu and whooping cough vaccines together? Well, you now can.
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3 Ways Miscarriage Can Make You Stronger

Miscarriage is heartbreakingly common—it happens to 1 in 3 pregnancies—but is there ever a silver lining to the horrible experience?

Should Doctors Wait to Diagnose Miscarriage?

When pregnant women go for their first ultrasound, it's usually a time of joy. But for some, it can lead to uncertainty and worry.

A Pre-Delivery Treatment for Preeclampsia is Coming

Doctors may have discovered how to lessen the effects of this dangerous pregnancy complication—before you give birth.

Doctors Can Now Assess Your Stillbirth Risk as Early as the First Trimester

A recent study reveals new ways to detect problems like preeclampsia, low birth weight or stillbirth earlier in pregnancy.

Could Eating Organic Reduce Your Gestational Diabetes Risk?

Researchers find a scary link between pollutants found in food and diabetes in pregnancy.

The Verdict: Should You Take Antidepressants During Pregnancy?

Two new studies have good news for pregnant women suffering from depression, but a third shows some risks.

Everyday Household Products Linked to Pregnancy Loss

A new study links phthalates with miscarriage—and it's women who come in contact with this common ingredient more than men. But can you avoid them?

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Could Mean Lifelong Problems—for You AND Your Siblings

A new study links hypertension in pregnancy with cardiovascular disease later—and not just for you. So how can you prevent it?

When to Worry About a Pregnancy Headache

A new study offers guidelines for how to know if that tension headache is a sign of something serious.

Shorter Moms Have Shorter Pregnancies

A new study finds that mom's height directly influences how long her bun stays in the oven.

FDA Slams Kim Kardashian for Misleading Morning Sickness Pill Endorsement

The government's stern warning comes after the reality star failed to outline side-effects of anti-morning sickness med Diclegis.

Military Wives, Take Note: Risk of Pregnancy Problems Rises When Spouse Is Deployed

A new study finds a connection between wives whose husbands are overseas and stress-related prenatal and postnatal outcomes.

Are You at Risk of Preeclampsia? Here's How to Find Out Sooner.

A recent study finds a way to predict your risk of developing this deadly pregnancy disease even sooner.

Group B Strep & Pregnancy: Who's at Risk

Group B Strep: Here's everything you need to know about the risky bacteria in honor of International GBS Awareness Month this July.
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