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Pregnancy Health

Upgrade Your Pregnancy Cravings: Why Balanced Snacking is More Important Than Ever

Craving that frosty with fries again? Totally cool to indulge sometimes in pregnancy. But here's why you might want to thrown in a chicken salad to that order.
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Could Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Weight Put Her Baby at Risk?

Weighing too much or too little in pregnancy could put your baby's life at risk after she's born, according to a new study, but some simple tweaks to your diet could make all the difference.

Game-Changing Stretch Mark News: What Works, What Really Doesn't

You might want to think twice before investing in those stretch mark-reducing creams, according to a new study, since some just don't work.

3 Great Ways to Take the Weight Off Your Baby Belly

In late pregnancy, it can seem like everything hurts. You may start to wish you had something to carry your belly around for you. Turns out, you do.

This Everyday Habit is Causing Problems in Pregnancy

Think pregnancy means you can be a couch potato for nine months? Think again. According to this study, sitting too much might lead to more than just cellulite.

It's Now Safe to Take Antibiotics During Pregnancy

A new study confirms that a group of controversial antibiotics are actually OK for pregnant women to take.

Could BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Make Your Kid Lazy?

One more reason to limit your bisphenol A exposure during pregnancy: It could curb your child's motivation to exercise.

Will Gaining Too Much Weight During Pregnancy Make Your Child Obese?

Curbing those cravings now could mean a difference between a healthy weight and obesity for your unborn kid.

Stressed Out? Chill Mama, It Might Affect Your Child's Ability to Write and Run

New research shows that experiencing high levels of stress during pregnancy may have a lasting impact on your child. Stressed out just reading this? Relax—here's what you need to know.

High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Linked to Heart Defects—Even If You Don't Have Diabetes

Here's yet another reason to eat healthier in pregnancy—this time for the sake of your baby's heart.

Flu and Whooping Cough Vaccine Combo Finally Safe for Pregnant Women

Wondering if you can get the flu and whooping cough vaccines together? Well, you now can.

3 Ways Miscarriage Can Make You Stronger

Miscarriage is heartbreakingly common—it happens to 1 in 3 pregnancies—but is there ever a silver lining to the horrible experience?

Should Doctors Wait to Diagnose Miscarriage?

When pregnant women go for their first ultrasound, it's usually a time of joy. But for some, it can lead to uncertainty and worry.

A Pre-Delivery Treatment for Preeclampsia is Coming

Doctors may have discovered how to lessen the effects of this dangerous pregnancy complication—before you give birth.

Doctors Can Now Assess Your Stillbirth Risk as Early as the First Trimester

A recent study reveals new ways to detect problems like preeclampsia, low birth weight or stillbirth earlier in pregnancy.
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