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25 Ways to Love Being Pregnant

Make the most of your nine months—starting now.


21. Try new types of exercise.
While this isn’t the time to take up skating or train for a marathon, it is the time to learn firsthand what a soothing, gentle workout swimming or yoga can be. And prenatal aerobics often incorporates exercises that can assist you in labor.

22. Get off the scale.
Pregnancy isn’t the time to obsess about every pound gained. Don’t go overboard and gain more than your doctor recommends, but do enjoy your increased appetite. If you are gaining more weight than is desirable, standing on the scale won’t help; instead, concentrate on developing healthful habits.

23. Focus on the goal.
Within you grows a living being who will one day talk, dance, create and melt your heart with a smile. When you get achy, think about that first giggle. When you can’t sleep at night, imagine rocking that soft, small person in your arms.

24. Laugh.
Pregnancy opens women to embarrassing-at-the-moment-but-hilarious-later situations. Concentrate on the funny side. Laugh when “mother brain” makes you put your keys in the refrigerator and garlic in your purse.

25. If all else fails, blame the hormones.
Sometimes, no matter what you try, everything seems wrong, changes overwhelm, and you just can’t cope. It’s all normal — indulge yourself. Cry. Rage. Then send your partner out for ice cream while you enjoy a warm bath surrounded by candles.



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