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40 Weeks Pregnant and Counting

Six tips on how to stay positive when your due date has come and gone.


3. Swimming

Even the most pert little Kate Middleton pregnancy is going to be feeling heavy towards the end. Taking a float gives you some much-needed moments of weightlessness.

4. Write a letter to the baby

I know you’re probably not feeling at your most creative right now. But take a few moments to write a letter to your baby – what your pregnancy has been like, what you know about the baby so far (“You really hate loud movies! And you get super psyched whenever I drink tea!”), your hopes and dreams for the little bub. It will help you to get in touch with the actual child that will be so much more than indigestion, and soon. Promise.

5. Do all the goofy allegedly-inducing things

Who knows if all the old wives’ tales work? At this point, it’s worth a shot. There’s always someone who will swear eating spicy food induced her labor, or having a glass of wine, or soaking in the tub, or taking a walk, or – I know, I know – having sex. I’m going to tell you something here, because I care and want to help – a midwife friend told me, when I emailed her in overdue anguish, that I had to have sex with my husband. This was literally (no offense, dear hubby) the last thing I wanted to do. Ever. Again. But we did, and it was awful, and a few hours later I was in labor. I don’t know if that was why, but it could have been, and anyway now it’s kind of a funny “at least it will never be that bad!” story.

6. Repeat your mantra

“This baby will be born,” my mother told me as my due date slipped away, and it became my mantra. I suggest adopting a similar saying, whether it’s to reassure yourself now or during labor. The baby will be born, and you’ll kiss his downy head and say, “Now what took you so long?” It will happen. It really, really will.


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