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Dream On

Your unconscious thoughts can be a useful map to your pregnancy hopes, fantasies and fears.


Anxiety Is Normal

Of course, not all dreams are as delightful as the sexual ones or as amusing as the animal phantasms. One of my friends, for instance, woke up sobbing after she had dreamed of going on a murderous rampage. Yet another friend dreamed during her last trimester that she had misplaced her newborn, an anxiety dream about poor mothering that therapists say is quite common.

    “Anxiety and ambivalence are normal in pregnancy and would be expected to come out in dreams,” Gise says. Expectant mothers sometimes are concerned about negative feelings that arise in dreams because the feelings don’t fit with the myth of a wholly serene and blissful pregnancy. Gise suggests that they give themselves permission to explore the full range of emotions as they head toward such a profound, irreversible life change.

    With a little bit of contemplation, your dreams can add spice to the mystical journey of pregnancy (see “Dream Work” on this page). “You can use dreams as a way of dealing with some of the new role changes and your old roles as well,” Quill says. “Listen to what your mind is telling you about your fantasies or fears. That information can help you become a mother.”


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