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Grab a Snack

Eating on the go? Try these quick and healthy snack ideas.


Each snack contains approximately 150 calories. Add two per day to the meal plan during your second and third trimesters.

• 1/4 cup mixed nuts
• 1/4 cup chocolate-covered soynuts
• 1/2 cinnamon raisin bagel with 1 tablespoon peanut butter-honey blend
• 1/2 whole-wheat English muffin topped with 1 ounce mozzarella cheese, toasted and melted
• 8 ounces low-fat chocolate milk
• 8 ounces low-fat smoothie drink
• 16-ounce decaf cafe latte made with reduced-fat (1%) milk
• 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup fresh raspberries
• 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla ice cream topped with 1 tablespoon dried cherries and 1 tablespoon low-fat granola
• 20 BBQ-flavored soy chips
• 1 cup canned black bean soup with 1 teaspoon sour cream
• 1 cup red bell pepper strips with 3 tablespoons roasted red pepper hummus spread
• 1 cup steamed edamame (soybeans in the pod) with 1 cup spicy vegetable juice


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