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It's Easy Being Green

Contributing to a healthier planet makes for healthier people, including you and your family, learn how to "Go Green."


Eco-Friendly Electronics Cameras, cellphones, computers and video equipment help you capture precious moments in your newborn's life. But upgrading to new electronics may mean adding more e-waste to the environment. Some simple steps to take before buying new products:

Green Check to see if the manufacturer of your old electronics offers a recycling program and look for electronics that carry the Energy Star label (, which means they are energy-efficient.

Greener Give old but still-functioning electronics a second life before pulling the plug. Ebay's Rethink program ( provides resources for selling used products. Resources such as Earth 911 (Earth provide community recycling, donation and disposal options.

Greenest Reduce e-waste by refurbishing your current electronics, passing them along to friends or donating them to a good cause. Trade or barter working electronics for other used products at SwapThing (SwapThing).

Green Gifts

Want to tread lightly on the planet? These eco-conscious baby registries help your little one leave only the tiniest footprint on Mother Earth. and Complete registries of organic clothing, eco-friendly toys, cloth diapers, and sustainably grown furniture and personal-care items. All-natural pregnancy and postpartum gifts, soothing salves and sprays. The softest organic-cotton clothes, bibs and bedding in sweet colors like sunshine and peacock blue. Whimsical polka dots and paisley duds, plus bedding, toys and books. Modern lines and bright colors in furniture, gear and decor doodads.

Retrieve a touch of green from your favorite mainstream registry too:,, and all have some organic offerings. And the Healthy Child, Healthy World website features trusted green-friendly companies and products (

-- Jennifer Derryberry Mann


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