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Rockin' Mama

Interview with Brooke Burke.


Brooke Burke, co-host of CBS' Rock Star, has lots going on. The series is anticipating its third installment this summer, her third child is due in late January (she has two daughters with Extreme Makeover plastic surgeon Garth Fisher), and she's engaged to ex-Baywatch cutie David Charvet. We talked with her at our photo shoot.

So, how's this pregnancy going? It's definitely different from my first two. I feel good, but I'm a little more fatigued. It's been five years since the last one, and now I'm taking care of two children. With my first, Neriah, I was so worried about doing everything by the book. Now I try to listen to my body and not everyone else's opinion. That could drive you crazy. I'm also very emotional.

This will be David's first. How's he doing? Really excited, he's always wanted children. He is going to be a great dad--he's very present.

Any crazy cravings? I've been craving meat, cheeseburgers mostly. The weirdest is foie gras. The key is to give your body what it wants but also to be disciplined and give it what it needs. Then you're full enough so there's not a lot of room for that hot fudge sundae.

Some celebrities don't want to appear on a cover like this, afraid that it might damage their sexy image. I just love being a mother and being pregnant. And I have to say, the role your partner plays is very important; I'm blessed with a man who is enjoying this as much as I am and who knows that whatever my body is doing is part of life and part of love. But I admit you have to dig down deep and realize that whatever happens is worth it. We make sacrifices for our children all our lives.


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