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Rockin' Mama

Interview with Brooke Burke.


How are you staying in such great shape? I do pretty much what I usually do--ab work, Pilates and walking. With your body changing so fast, it's important to keep moving; if you don't, it's harder to come back.

You seem to bounce back really well. How do you do it? I definitely get stricter nutritionwise after I give birth, but I can't go too crazy, since I breastfeed. I start eating five small meals a day, and I run. I need carbs for energy, but I avoid sugar.

As a pro at this, do you have any advice for new mothers? Embrace the chaos. You have to give yourself room to let things be the way they will be, take life day by day, and figure out what works for you and your baby. I got some great advice when I was pregnant with my second and worried that I wouldn't have "enough" to go around: Mothers have this magic ability to give an abundance of love. No matter how much is needed, you just get bigger and bigger.



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