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Safe Cleaning with DIY Product Recipes

Make your own homemade cleaning products with these 9 simple and effective recipes.

Conventional cleaning products can be loaded with unsafe chemicals. Unfortunately there’s no telling which ones are safe or unsafe, as their formulas are currently government protected as trade secrets. That’s why you won’t find ingredient lists on most bottles.Thankfully, they’re not your only option. Green cleaners made from non-toxic household staples are safe, cheap, and effective. And they’re easy to DIY.

Here are some recipes to try for healthier and safer housekeeping.

By Alexandra Zissu for Healthy Child Healthy World

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For more than 20 years Healthy Child Healthy World, a non-profit whose mission is to empower families to make better, safer choices, has been protecting children from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. We are seeing increased evidence of the impact of these chemicals found in everyday products on children’s health. Through evidence-based information and up to date resources and programs, we help families, promote solutions, and influence policy. 


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