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Thinking Green

Your immediate environment is more important than ever. Here's how to make your space a healthier place.


Green resources
[AFM Safecoat Paint] 619-239-0321,
[Alternative Baby] Organic cotton
diapers, clothing and toys. 800-469-1126,
[Earthwise Floors] Natural and renewable flooring products for your home.
[Earthy Birthy Mama] Natural skin-care
products for baby, cloth diapers and clothing for you and your baby. 866-326-5439,
[Ecobaby Organics] Organic crib bedding, mattresses, clothing and more.
[Giggle] Organic baby clothing, natural
skin-care products, furniture and toys.
[Horizon Organic] Organic infant formula with iron. 888-494-3020,
[Lifekind] Organic bedding, household products and more. 800-284-4983,
[Natura World] Wool and unbleached cotton adult and baby bedding. 888-628-8723,
[Nature’s One] Baby’s Only Organic dairy- and soy-based formulas and DHA/ARA supplement. 614-898-9758,
[The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.] Nontoxic paint. 978-448-6336,
[Our Greenhouse] Natural products for you, your home, your baby and your pet. 203-364-1484,
[Pangaya] Hemp, Tencel and organic cotton clothing. 800-872-6618,
[Pitter Patter Collections] Hemp crib and twin bedding designs. 505-751-9067,
[The Real Milk Paint Co.] Nontoxic paint.
[Seventh Generation] Environmentally friendly household cleaners and baby products.
[Under the Nile] Organic cotton baby
clothing, bedding, toys and more.


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