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When Baby Makes 3

Here's your chance to be a fly on the wall as three couples and a family therapist explore some of the common fears and issues expectant parents deal with. Plus a quiz to find out if your relationship is baby-ready.


A while back, we invited a group of pregnant women to our offices to tell
us what they liked about our magazine and what they wished they'd find more of in its pages. Give it to us straight, they told us. Give us the nitty-gritty, a real-world look at what being pregnant, giving birth and having a new baby in the house are really like. What they wanted more than anything was honest information about the emotional aspects of pregnancy and new parenthood, including the lowdown on the impact on a couple's relationship.

So early this year we asked three expectant Los Angeles-area couples to take part in a roundtable discussion with Fit Pregnancy Advisory Board member Gayle Peterson, M.S.S.W., Ph.D., a family therapist who specializes in pregnancy and parenting. The result was a no-holds-barred airing of some of the fears and issues prospective parents face today.

All the participants were nervous and excited about having a baby but also optimistic they would be good, loving parents. Given their sincerity and thoughtfulness, we're confident they will be. As for you, we hope what they learned will help you in your own journey toward becoming a parent.

THE COUPLES: Josh and Marina Myler, both 32, met 14 years ago and have been married for 2 1/2 years. Their first child, a boy, is due Feb. 19. Josh is a real estate agent; Marina an actress and writer.

Christopher Miglino, 38, and Mariam "Chandanni" Parris Miglino, 33, have been married for almost four years and are expecting their second child on April 3. They run a multimedia company devoted to yoga, holistic living and spirituality. Mariam lives with their daughter, Shanti, 2, and her parents during the week while Chris travels on business. The couple spend weekends together.

Anthony Jones, 29, and Michelle Alfonzo, 26, have been together for approximately two years and welcomed their first child, Jalen Emilio, on Jan. 20. Anthony runs an entertainment company and works as a DJ on weekends. Michelle is an audit clerk for a medical staffing firm.

OUR MODERATOR: Gayle Peterson, M.S.S.W., Ph.D., is a family therapist and the author of An Easier Childbirth, Birthing Normally and Making Healthy Families (Shadow and Light Publications). A mother of two and grandmother of three, she has offices in Oakland and Grass Valley, Calif.


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