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Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy Health

Too Early to Bed?

Side effects of bed rest may outweigh the benefits.

pesky pregnancy?

In a strange coincidence of biology, pregnant women think about visiting the bathroom roughly as often as the average man thinks about sex.

the gain game

All about those pregnancy pounds

leg up-lifts

Don’t let varicose veins get you down.

The Rewards of Motherhood

10 surprising perks of pregnancy that last long after your baby is born.

lemon aid

From citrus to eucalyptus, tips to help fight morning sickness

Exercise and The Workplace

An exercise plan for the busiest of women; plus how to plan your maternity leave, eat well and keep your sense of style}

The Incredible Shrinking Brain

. . . Or, how I got pregnant and lost my mind

Testing the Waters

New and improved screening techniques can ease your concerns about your baby's health.

Take it to the Bank

Should you store your baby's cord blood?

Calm, Cool & Collected

Being pregnant and giving birth should be joyous experiences, not anxiety-wracked ones. Here’s the knowledge you need to keep common fears from spiraling out of control.

Early Warning

A new first-trimester procedure can determine Down syndrome risk with a simple blood test and specialized ultrasound.

What's Your Pregnancy IQ?

How well-versed are you in the finer points of building a healthy baby? Take our quiz to find out.

Pain Relief Linked to Time of Labor

The time of day you’re having your baby could determine the effectiveness of the epidural pain medication you receive.
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