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Pregnancy Health

Book Beat

Labor Tricks From Down Under

Asthma Link

More information on what can cause Asthma.

Pregnancy Put-Downs

The challenges of pregnancy

Training Womb

When a mom-to-be exercises, so does her baby

40 Weeks

Our step-by-step timeline and checklist for navigating your pregnancy.

Evolution's Got Your Back

Thank evolution for the relative ease with which you carry your baby.

Active Pregnancy = Active Kid

The children of women who were physically active during and after pregnancy grew up to exercise more than the off spring of sedentary moms, according to a large study.

Your Worry List Is Shorter Than You Think

Follow these 5 simple rules for a healthy pregnancy, then...Relax.

Change Begins At Home

It's easier than you think to help make lives better for families, including your own. Rule No. 1: Activism begins at home.


Savvy ways to resist information overload.

This Is What Family Looks Like Now

Blood isn't the only bond that unites us.

FitPregnancy Books

From the editors of Fit Pregnancy

Sugar Blues

Gestational Diabetes: A threat to mom and baby.
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