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Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy Health

Great Reads: Large As Life

An obstetrician dispels the myth that heavy women can't have healthy pregnancies and normal deliveries

Your Guide to a Stress-Free Holiday

Make the holidays a time to relax, renew and concentrate on you and your baby.

Your Pregnancy At A Glance

A month-by-month guide to the changes that your baby, your body and your moods will undergo--with tips and strategies on how to handle them all!

Secret Shame

If you smoke, drink, diet excessively or engage in any other dangerous behavior during pregnancy, you're putting your baby's health at risk. The same is true if you're a victim of domestic violence or past sexual abuse. Here's how to get the help you need

Remember This

If you're having trouble with recall, try to remember that you're not the only mom-to-be who experiences what some call "pregnesia."

Say Om for Your Baby

Yoga, that calming and stretching exercise practiced the world over, may be especially valuable during pregnancy.

Gender Letdown

Have you struggled with feelings of disappointment over your growing baby's sex? Don't worry--you're normal.

The Legacy of Sexual Abuse

One in every three or four women have a history of childhood sexual abuse, and during pregnancy, many of them struggle with anger, shame and other powerful emotions.

How Doctors React to "Shameful" Confessions

According to ACOG, when doctors discuss these "psychosocial" issues with their patients once each trimester, the incidence of preterm birth and low birth weight goes down by as much as half.

Bladder Woes Wane

To maintain control during and after pregnancy, strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles with Kegel exercises.

Your Pregnancy At-a-Glance

Information related to your stage of pregnancy
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