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Pregnancy Health


Pregnancy Health

How to Change Your Care Provider During Pregnancy

Switching your provider could be the best decision you make.

3 Steps to Finding Dr. Right

Choosing the best OB-GYN for you means asking a lot of questions. Here’s how to do it effectively.

Why Is My Sniffer So Sensitive Now?

Is the smell of your guy (and his food) turning you off? You’re not alone.

How Pregnancy Weight Gain Could Contribute to the Obesity Epidemic

Putting on too many pounds during pregnancy can affect your child’s health for life.

7 Reasons It's Great To Be Pregnant In The Summer

The benefits of a summer pregnancy.

Pregnant Belly Basics: Linea Nigra

Think of the linea nigra as a line of honor.

Why Cats Might Be Risky During Pregnancy

Keep away from kitty’s litter when expecting.

Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

We’ve rounded up 14 easy tips for keeping cool and staying healthy all summer long.

Prenatal Visit: Fundal Height Measurement

Measuring your belly to monitor
 the fetus’s growth.

Are Bug Sprays Safe During Pregnancy?

How to use insect repellents safely during pregnancy.

Summer Safety Guide For Pregnancy

Three ways to protect yourself and your baby when heading outdoors.

40 Weeks Pregnant and Counting

Six tips on how to stay positive when your due date has come and gone.

Is Drinking During Pregnancy Ever OK?

New studies question the prohibition of alcohol while expecting.

No Room in the Womb for BPA

Your exposure to BPA is important to consider now that you're pregnant.
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