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Birth of a Father

Celebrating the man in your life.


This Sunday, we celebrate Dad. Looking for the perfect gift for the new father in your life? Check out our Dad Gear 2.0 roundup of gear that is as guy-friendly as it is useful for your growing family. And don't miss our annual Buyer's Guide for more toys for the big boy in your life.

Gift-giving aside, this Sunday is a time to really focus on Dad. If he's about to become a first-time dad, he's probably sweating some stuff right now. Why not read up on new father fears to gain a little perspective on what he may be thinking or feeling about the impending birth of your baby. And if you're feeling brave, check out these true confessions from real dads on some taboo topics.

Wondering what kind of dad the man in your life will be? Try our Dad Quiz for a Daddytyper and Papasonality Categorizer that will help you peer into his fatherhood future. Plus, don't miss our labor nurse Jeanne Faulkner's hilarious take on 8 species of fathers-to-be.

This Father's Day is a great time to reflect on how much you love the man who got you into your pregnant pickle. Keeping your relationship running smoothly with a new baby can be a challenge. Here's help. For even more, visit our Birth of a Father page.

Happy Father's Day, Dads!


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