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Calling All Pregnant Women!

03.31.09 Search on for moms-to-be for national pregnancy TV show


Are you currently pregnant or trying to conceive? Is this your first baby and don't know what to expect? If you're interested in being on TV, this ad might be right up your alley!

We ran across a casting call from a nationally syndicated talk show that's looking for pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant women. And it has a long list of questions for you, if you're interested: Are you embarrassed to ask certain questions about your pregnancy but you need answers? Do you have any funny, unusual or weird pregnancy stories? Was there a product that you couldn’t live without during your pregnancy and you want other women to know the secret? Are you afraid of getting pregnant because of all the horror stories you’ve heard?

Expecting your first baby can be both thrilling and nerve-racking. If you are dreading delivery, our Fear Factor article lays out for you what moms-to-be can do to overcome anxiety and have a better birth experience. Bring pregnant and giving birth should be joyous experiences, not anxiety-filled ones. Here are some tips on how to stay calm, cool and collected!

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor.


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