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Father's Day 2010

06.16.10 Celebrate the men in your life with gifts that have a personal touch.


With fatherhood on the attack in the media these days, it seems especially appropriate for all of us to take a moment this Sunday on Father's Day to thank the men in our lives—the ones called "Dad."

Today's dads are creating a new identity, with men being more active and involved fathers. So involved that a new books says a dad's hormones change, too, during pregnancy. Plus, there's been a real shift in the way men talk about fatherhood: They know they're not perfect, but most dads are trying to be hands-on—like it or not, moms!

We've rounded up a few links for inspiration as you stop to thank the special men in your life—whether it's your partner or your own dad—for all that they do all year-round and throughout our lives.


  • Watch these video clips! Nobody says it better than America's favorite TV dad Bill Cosby—especially when it comes to the subjects of Father's Day and education.


  • If it's all about technology, browse through these Father's Day gifts for web-savvy dudes.


  • A dad shares his stories of raising a daughter when his wife dies a day after giving birth.
  • If you're looking for a good laugh and some blunt, age-old wisdom from a 70-something dad, then S**t My Dad Says is the blog for you.
  • We've all been there: You're on vacation with your parents and someone takes out a camera and actually starts taking photos. See the results of these awkwards moments at the photo blog Dads on Vacation.

Maria Vega is Fit Pregnancy magazine's copy editor


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