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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Celebrity Mom-To-Be Drops Vegan Diet—For Now

04.14.11 Natalie Portman reveals that pregnancy cravings made her temporarily stop being a vegan.

Star Mom-To-Be And The "Glass of Wine" Photo

04.12.11 Kate Hudson photo reignites debate over drinking while expecting. Experts say a occasional sip may be OK, but moms-to-be should err on the side of caution.

Get A Group, Mom-To-Be

Prenatal care center mixes one-on-one OB visits with DIY informational sessions with other expectant women.

Beef Up Your Prenatal Meals

03.31.11 Study says vitamin found in red meat helps women have babies who cry less.

Big Help For Little Feet

Protect your tot's tootsies and another child's at the same time with TOMS.

New Guidelines for Car Seats

Keep children in rear-facing car seats until age 2, new policy says.

Pregnant Singer OK After Car Wreck

03.14.11 Jewel credits her car with keeping her and her baby safe in accident with fire truck.

Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Most moms-to-be will see changes in their skin while they're expecting, including these small growths.

Fever: Friend or Foe?

03.03.11 New report urges parents not to run to the medicine cabinet or doc's office each time a child gets a fever.

Who's Up Next?

02.28.11 The co-worker in the next cubicle helps determine baby-making, study says.

High court sides with vaccine makers

02.22.11 U.S. Supreme Court rules that parents can't sue manufacturers of immunizations over side effects from childhood shots.

New Numbers on Crib Injuries

02.17.11 Study finds nearly 10,000 infants hurt every year in crib-related incidents.

No More Pain at the Pump

The IRS reverses stance, now says breastfeeding costs can be medical expenses.

The Vaginal Advantage

Study finds that a "normal" birth coats a baby with beneficial bacteria.
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