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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

High court sides with vaccine makers

02.22.11 U.S. Supreme Court rules that parents can't sue manufacturers of immunizations over side effects from childhood shots.

New Numbers on Crib Injuries

02.17.11 Study finds nearly 10,000 infants hurt every year in crib-related incidents.

No More Pain at the Pump

The IRS reverses stance, now says breastfeeding costs can be medical expenses.

The Vaginal Advantage

Study finds that a "normal" birth coats a baby with beneficial bacteria.

Weaning From The Bottle

02.01.11 Transition your child to a cup well before toddlerhood, experts say.

Winter Guide 2011

How to keep your pregnancy glow during these long winter months.

Studies Question Breastfeeding Advice

New findings dispute all current recommendations about nursing your baby.

Facebook Apologizes Over Birth Photos

01.11.11 Social networking site says sorry to photographer for disabling her account that had breastfeeding, birth photos.

No Excuses to Exercise

01.03.11 Just 30 minutes of exercise will benefit you and your baby now and in the future.

Gestational Diabetes On The Rise

Lack of screening for this condition during pregnancy puts mom-to-be and baby at risk.

Rethinking Crib Bumpers

Federal regulators looking into the safety of this baby bedding item.

Breast Milk Sharing Raises Concerns

12.14.10 FDA issues warning on acquiring breast milk online or from other unknown sources.

Moms, Don't Forget Tummy Time

12.07.10 Experts say extended periods on their stomachs in infancy linked to babies' long-term health, development.

Ear Infections: Don't Rush Antibiotics

11.29.10 Study shows antibitoics for children's ear infections may not be worth the side effects.
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