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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Moms, Don't Forget Tummy Time

12.07.10 Experts say extended periods on their stomachs in infancy linked to babies' long-term health, development.

Ear Infections: Don't Rush Antibiotics

11.29.10 Study shows antibitoics for children's ear infections may not be worth the side effects.

Making Travel Easier with Baby

Remember to pack your patience and plenty of diapers when you travel for the holidays.

Consequences of Pregnancy Smoking

11.18.10 Study finds women who were heavy smokers while preggers are more likely to have children who grow up to have arrest records.

Pain Pills in Pregnancy Face Scrutiny

11.10.10 New study links male fertility woes to use of too many mild pain relievers during pregnancy

Docs Iffy On Exercise Advice

11.03.10 Staying active during your pregnancy can reduce complications and speed your post-baby recovery.

Let's Talk About Sex

Women don't lose that lovin' feeling just because they're expecting, study says. After baby? Well, that's a different story.

Homeopathic Teething Tablets Pulled

10.27.10 Potentially toxic levels of substance found in infant over-the-counter remedy for teething pain.

Surprising Results in Baby Sleep Study

10.26.10 Researchers find that the first four months of a new baby's life are crucial in setting bedtime sleep habits.

Baby Loves Halloween

A guide to everything ghoulish and sweet for enjoying Halloween with your bub

Possible Jaundice-Autism Link

10.12.10 New study says more autism cases found in children who had jaundice as newborns.

Gender Predictions Turn to the Moon

09.28.10 Popular Chinese lunar calendars are fun but not necessarily fool-proof in guessing baby's sex

High-Intensity Workouts During Pregnancy: Safe or Sorry?

Understanding risks, and taking precautions, are key to staying safe while getting your prenatal sweat on.

Generic Meds OK for Young Kids

Officials say parents should feel safe about giving generic over-the-counter drugs to sick infants, children.
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