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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Breastfeeding Rate Improves

09.15.10 Breastfeeding figures at birth see boost, but most moms give up by six-month mark.

Moms-To-Be, Make It a Good Habit

First-trimester health practices affect your whole pregnancy, researchers find.

U.S. Birth Rate Hits New Low

08.31.10 Drop in number of babies born in the United States linked to recession, experts say

Tainted Deli Meat Recalled

08.26.10 Contaminated luncheon meat can cause miscarriage, experts say. Plus, bottle warmers also pulled from store shelves.

A Win-Win for Breastfeeding

08.24.10 Nurse longer and enjoy better health later, studies say

Low Vitamin D Tied to Preeclampsia

Study suggests lack of "sunshine vitamin" plays a role in developing this pregnancy complication.

Things That Make Us "Click!"

08.16.10 Fashionable mom-to-be styles and handy prenatal health facts right at your fingertips.

No Delay Needed After Miscarriage

08.10.10 Women who miscarry do not need to wait to try conceiving again, study says

World Breastfeeding Week 2010

08.03.10 Spreading the word about "Breast is best."

Nec-A-Nec play tables

07.28.10 Hand-crafted desks are sturdy and durable—and perfect for a girl or boy.

Missing Out On Z's

07.27.10 New parents rack up six months' worth of lost snooze time in baby's first 2 years.

New Rules Encourage Vaginal Birth

07.22.10 OB-GYN group issues less restrictive VBAC standards in aim to cut number of repeated C-sections.

Namaste for Tots

07.19.10 The latest trend in babyland: yoga classes for toddlers and babies

Pottery Barn Recalls Cribs

07.15.10 Popular retailer pulls drop-side cribs as federal officials make strides in effort to enact ban.
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