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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Journal Retracts Autism Study

Medical publication pulls original vaccine-autism findings after ethics panel rebukes study's lead author for dishonesty in his research.

Want a Baby? Avoid PBDEs

01.27.10 Study finds these everyday chemicals used as flame retardants hinder chances of conceiving

FDA unwavering on BPA

01.20.10 Officials call for limited use, more study but no ban on disputed chemical in baby bottles, other products.

Helping Young Quake Victims

01.19.10 Baby product companies reaching out to assist children in devastated Haiti

Baby Food Pulled From Shelves

01.14.10 Packaging concerns prompt company to recall HAPPYBABY varieties.

FDA Warns of Kid Drinks' Claims

01.12.10 Nestle blasted over its unauthorized health promises in Juicy Juice line for children younger than 2.

New Year = New Vaccine Schedule

01.06.10 Not much will change for parents who follow their pediatrician's guidelines despite new recommendations.

Flying The Kid-Unfriendly Skies

12.31.09 New air travel restrictions are taking a toll on parents with small children

New Marching Orders: No Babies

12.22.09 Army says pregnancy means court martial, jail time for female soldiers, military partners (married or not)

H1N1 Flu Vaccine OK Despite Recall

12.16.09 Particular doses of infant swine flu vaccine tested as less potent but still safe, officials say

The Angriest Americans: Moms

12.10.09 Study finds women with little ones are among the most annoyed and enraged in the U.S.

Mozart Soothes Preemies

12.08.09 Study finds classical music keeps premature babies calm, which helps them gain weight

More screen time for day-care toddlers

12.01.09 Study finds some kids spend one-third of their day watching TV

Stillbirth Risk is Higher for Black Women

Research finds a racial gap when it comes to the risk of having a stillborn baby.
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