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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

In Labor? Don't Forget To Call The "Babyrazzi"

Moms-to-be turning to professional photographers to help document childbirth and first moments of new baby joy.

Is Pregnancy A Disability?

Giving pregnant women the same protections at work as disabled people might help save many jobs, but at what price?

Getting The Hang Of Being A New Mom

A study finds that building confidence as a new mom takes an average of four months and 23 days.

A Sneaky Culprit: Tongue-Tie

Doctors and parents can easily check for this condition, which can affect your infant's ability to breastfeed properly.

Conflicting News on Pacifier Use

09.20.12 New studies find heavy pacifier use in boys during the day leads to stunted emotional development.

Collect Those Coupons

Step-by-step guide on couponing to save on baby supplies

Contraception After Baby

Rethink your contraception after giving birth

Study: OK For Babies To Cry It Out

Researchers say sleep training method doesn't hurt babies emotionally, developmentally.

Grandparents Day

Today's grandma and grandpa providing lots of babysitting and financial support for grandkids, new studies say.

Parents Stay Connected With NICU "Babycams"

Webcams help family members bond long distance with preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Survey: Moms More Digitally Connected Than Ever

08.31.12 Experts find moms in the U.S. spending 6 hours a day on smartphones and tablets.

Pediatricians Group Now In Favor Of Circumcision

08.28.12 The AAP now supports the much-debated practice, saying insurance companies should cover costs for parents who decide this for their baby boys.

Dad's Age Plays Bigger Role in Autism Risk

Older men more likely than young ones to father a child who develops the spectrum disorder or schizophrenia.

Johnson & Johnson Says Bye-Bye to Chemicals

08.21.12 Maker of popular personal care products moves up deadline to get rid of potentially harmful ingredients from brands for babies and moms.
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