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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Pregnancy Leaves Lasting Impression on Mom's Foot Size

New study finds some women's feet stay larger after giving birth.

Why 40 Weeks?

New research supports current guidelines for a full-term pregnancy.

Newborns And "Good" Gut Bacteria

Study reports that vaginal births and breastfeeding can deliver beneficial germs to babies

Rushing to the Pediatrician's Office

New study finds new moms visit pediatrician an average of 16 times in baby's first year.

Baby's Listening Early, So Watch What You Say

New research finds newborns recognize native and foreign sounds, which suggests learning of language begins in the womb.

Rubbed The Right Way

Prenatal massage can work wonders, and if you can teach your partner how to do it, it’s even better

Sneak Peek at Sonogram Parties

Moms-to-be are breaking the mold in inviting family and friends to gatherings for ultrasound viewing.

The History of the New Year's Baby

A New Year’s baby may mean a showering of gifts and a bevy of media attention.

Tout Your Tot

Great sources for turning your adorable baby photos into memorable cards and gifts.

Bacteria on Binkies

New study finds germs on pacifiers can do more harm in health than good in soothing of babies.

The Flu and Autism

New study raises worries about possible link between fever in moms-to-be and children's autism risk.

In Labor? Don't Forget To Call The "Babyrazzi"

Moms-to-be turning to professional photographers to help document childbirth and first moments of new baby joy.

Is Pregnancy A Disability?

Giving pregnant women the same protections at work as disabled people might help save many jobs, but at what price?

Getting The Hang Of Being A New Mom

A study finds that building confidence as a new mom takes an average of four months and 23 days.
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