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Could Having a Second Baby Help Your Marriage?

A new study says yes—and gives some insight on how soon you can expect things to get back to normal between you and your partner after the baby comes.
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7 Ways to Get in the Mood for Pregnancy Sex

Don't feel like getting jiggy with it now that you're pregnant? Turns out pregnant sex is actually good for you. Here's how to make it happen more often.

7 Dreamy Things To Do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives

Life shouldn't be ALL about your birth plan right now.

7 Hottest Babymoon Destinations of 2015

Book a suite and settle in with your partner for one (last?) romantic hurrah. These are our top spots for a pre-baby getaway this year.

9 Ways to Spice Up Your Pre-Baby Love Life

Get your sex thang down now, while it's still just the two of you.

Escape! 20 Dreamy Babymoon Ideas

Strengthen your bond (and take a well-deserved break!) before Baby arrives at one of these preggo-friendly vacation spots.

What 3,000 Moms-to-Be Are Doing in Bed

For our Sex Survey, we asked thousands of moms what's really happening between the sheets. Find out how your pregnancy sex life stacks up—and how you can you can improve it!

How to Tell the Guys at Work You're Pregnant

The host of "PowerNation" shares how she handled her pregnancy in a testosterone-heavy environment

5 Pregnant Sex Surprises—You've Been Warned!

Getting it on will feel very different now.

10 Common Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

What you should know about doing the deed with a baby on board.

Please Stop Saying This to Pregnant Women

Send this to all of your never-been-pregnant friends—stat.

4 Close-to-Home Babymoon Destinations

There’s still time to indulge in some romance and relaxation before Baby arrives. Let these four dreamy trips inspire your wander lust.

5 Reasons Pregnancy Is Sexy

Your body is a wonderland! Real guys rhapsodize.

Master the Art of the Staycation-Babymoon

How to feel rejuvenated and relaxed—without leaving the house.

Single and Pregnant: How My Pain Forced Me to Change

After my pregnancy shed some light on my issues, I decided to stop being a victim and take charge of my life, once and for all.
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