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20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant

Enjoy these perks now (they'll be gone soon enough).

Best Things About Being Pregnant
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11) Tiny hiccups & big kicks

There is simply no substitute for the wonder of feeling your child move inside you. “Movement is just a winner for everybody,” Lichtman says. Ultrasounds and sonograms are wondrous but distant meetings with your unborn child. It’s that first squirm in your belly that signals a personal hello.

For the next several months, you’ll be tracking kicks and rolls and what feel like somersaults, learning the rhythm of your child’s day before anyone else. The first time your baby has the hiccups after she’s born will be a sweet yet sad reminder of what you used to feel inside.

12) Being taken care of 

You’re led to the front of the line, the door is cheerily opened for you, and your sweetie even offers to bring you a snack and rub your feet. Isn’t this the way life should be? So what if it isn’t PC — it sure is fun. Let’s face it, after your baby’s born, you will be the one carrying the bundle and wiping up messes wherever you go.

13) All that motivation 

When pregnant, you’re motivated like never before — you watch what you eat, eliminate unhealthful habits, get plenty of rest and stay physically active. “Pregnancy is a good opportunity for a woman to develop a sound nutrition plan and healthy habits for the rest of her life,” Kundrat says. Cutting your daily dose of caffeine, eliminating artificial sweeteners and increasing your water intake are all smart moves for baby. If you can stick with them, these better habits will serve you well for years to come.

14) Fabulous follicles

Some women will get thicker hair during pregnancy and some won’t, says Shangold. (Changing hormone levels can synchronize hair growth so it is all in the same phase, meaning more hairs might be on your head at a given time.) Like everything else on the list, enjoy it while it lasts.


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