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Endless Love

Pregnancy and parenthood don't have to mean your sex life is over.


Birds and "be's" for new parents
As with pregnancy, the period after giving birth presents for new parents its own challenges to a couple’s sex life. Here are some ways to unlock postpartum passion:

Be patient. Even after six weeks, some women aren’t ready to make love, especially if they’ve had an episiotomy, Cesarean section or difficult birth. And both partners may be tired and preoccupied with the baby. So don’t force it. In the meantime, do your Kegels: They help strengthen the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina and can enhance sexual pleasure for both of you. When you do have sex, spending more time on foreplay and using lubricants can help with the vaginal dryness estrogen decreases can cause.

Be nurturing. Your new child isn’t the only person in the house who needs babying. You may feel tired and overwhelmed. Your husband may feel lonely or even jealous of the baby. Take care of each other. Sex will follow.

Be creative and spontaneous. Just as your pregnant shape meant finding new positions for sex, your new baby means finding different times and places. Enjoy a rendezvous on the couch or bathroom floor, or catch a quickie while Grandma takes the baby for a walk. Who knows when such a magic moment will occur again?



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